Sasha Yeller - The Land With No Defects EP

Band / Artist: Sasha Yeller
Year: 2012
Genre: Tech-House, Ambient Techno

My Review:
During the early 90s, the techno, trance, and house movements were starting to come into their own, but had nearly a decade before they would mature into a solid entity, only to seemingly fizzle out of existence in the public realm, and be eaten and reused by many other genres and given little credit for the creativity they lend themselves toward.

But these early 90's explorations into electronica bore a ton of bands and engaging albums into the world, which still hold their own, especially in my collection. This harkens back to these seamlessly, while sounding very unique and fresh in its own right. It reminds me of mid 90's Orbital, Traci Lords, Utah Saints, and others, but more stripped down and with soft vocals layered throughout. Tracks are long, and help to evoke the trance element, giving you the urge to drink a little too much and dance with strangers in strangely lit rooms to it. I think this is a good quality.

There isn't much else to say about this one, because all I found for the musician was a Google+ page here. https://plus.google.com/113896913755414679771/posts

As always, hope you enjoy.

Sasha Yeller - The Land With No Defects EP