Nac/Hut Report - Junkstarrr/Bright Future, 9th Overflowing​.​.​.​Milky Slaughterhouse​.​.​.​Dream Of Incubator

Band / Artist: Nac/Hut Report
Year: 2013

My Review:
I have been woefully behind on loving music the last few weeks. Mostly because I got an awesome new job and I'm thrilled and insanely stressed all at once. Today was the first moment I started to feel a little bit like my squirrely self since probably last Sunday. So since I have a few minutes to get my music love on, I looked back through my emails.

And I found this.
I’m Jadwiga Tabaczynska of Double Hallucinative records. We’re a small, new-born, underground label from Poland. We would be glad if you could review our new release “Angel-like Contraction Reverse” Lp by the Italian-polish experimental duo Nac/Hut Report, or even just post on Jumbly Music the link for their Free-download Promotional Single “Junkstarrr/Bright Future”.
Its post industrial. The music has a really strange grindy sound, with soft vocals and guitar layered on top. I was imagining that it would be a much darker sound when I first looked at it, but it seems much more positive, like coming outside after a serious disaster, and feeling hope that you survived and can rebuild. (I don't know, its what came to mind.) Its short and sweet, with a bitter, abrasive side to it.

Nac/Hut Report - Junkstarrr/Bright Future

Also by them, I'm sharing this longer, older album, "9th Overflowing​.​.​.​Milky Slaughterhouse​.​.​.​Dream Of Incubator"
This one is a darker, more droning sound, which I liked less, but is more experimental and industrial in a lot of ways. Alright, well I hope everyone is doing great, I'll have some more stuff for you soon.

Nac/Hut Report - 9th Overflowing​.​.​.​Milky Slaughterhouse​.​.​.​Dream Of Incubator