Low Leaf - Alchemizing Dawn

Band / Artist: Low Leaf
Year: 2012
Genre: Harps, Dream Pop, Indie pop, Electronic, Neo-Soul

My Review:
This one sounds very similar to Little Dragon, but with more of a focus on analogue instruments, and a less funk-oriented sound (or at least depending on the track). The mixture of hip-hip, harp soundscapes, indie pop,and dream pop has apparently picked up the name Neo-Soul? It has melody and a good sound that I enjoyed enough to hunt down more.


Low Leaf is just one lady, and shes got really talented hands. Seriously, I would love to see her play live with all the skill she's been able to have while freestyling. She's also big into style and art, and so like all arty-style people, she's got a Tumblr account.


And I don't much like myself for doing this, because looks and music really should not be involved with one another, and it's easy to see this as demeaning....  but she is so cute.
Sorry, sorry. I digress. Here's her facebook profile.

And now, go check out the album

Low Leaf - Alchemizing Dawn