Lomov - Free Port

Band / Artist: Lomov
Year: 2004
Genre: Ambient Techno, Minimal

My Review:
I had no idea that the label this was posted under had closed down. I'm really sad to see that. I've had this album for almost 8 years, and I've listened to it for so long that it feels like a glass of milk & honey for my ears, smooth, and calming, settling me in so nicely. It works really well as a sleeping album too.

So first I'll talk about what I know about the musician. His name is Axel Bergk. He lives in Hanover Germany. He started making music and made his own collaborative label, Stadtgruen. He was very prolific from 2004 until around 2008, and then I'm not quite sure what happened. I had been in contact with him at one point, and he gave me the chance to use some of his music in an early prototype of a flash game that my team was working on. He was very generous, and I am forever appreciative for it.

The album itself is all based around the idea of a port, and a conputer. The mixture of digital clicks and beeps, with the ambience of a somewhat sparse industrial setting makes for a pretty great minimalist album, falling somewhere between a droning ambient, and the most minimalist of microhouse. I've loved it for years.

Lomov - Free Port