Nac/Hut Report - Junkstarrr/Bright Future, 9th Overflowing​.​.​.​Milky Slaughterhouse​.​.​.​Dream Of Incubator

Band / Artist: Nac/Hut Report
Year: 2013

My Review:
I have been woefully behind on loving music the last few weeks. Mostly because I got an awesome new job and I'm thrilled and insanely stressed all at once. Today was the first moment I started to feel a little bit like my squirrely self since probably last Sunday. So since I have a few minutes to get my music love on, I looked back through my emails.

And I found this.
I’m Jadwiga Tabaczynska of Double Hallucinative records. We’re a small, new-born, underground label from Poland. We would be glad if you could review our new release “Angel-like Contraction Reverse” Lp by the Italian-polish experimental duo Nac/Hut Report, or even just post on Jumbly Music the link for their Free-download Promotional Single “Junkstarrr/Bright Future”.
Its post industrial. The music has a really strange grindy sound, with soft vocals and guitar layered on top. I was imagining that it would be a much darker sound when I first looked at it, but it seems much more positive, like coming outside after a serious disaster, and feeling hope that you survived and can rebuild. (I don't know, its what came to mind.) Its short and sweet, with a bitter, abrasive side to it.

Nac/Hut Report - Junkstarrr/Bright Future

Also by them, I'm sharing this longer, older album, "9th Overflowing​.​.​.​Milky Slaughterhouse​.​.​.​Dream Of Incubator"
This one is a darker, more droning sound, which I liked less, but is more experimental and industrial in a lot of ways. Alright, well I hope everyone is doing great, I'll have some more stuff for you soon.

Nac/Hut Report - 9th Overflowing​.​.​.​Milky Slaughterhouse​.​.​.​Dream Of Incubator


The Popovers - Make It So!

Band / Artist:  The Popovers
Year: 2011
Genre: Powerpop, Pop Rock

My Review:
The popover is an American version of Yorkshire pudding and similar batter puddings made in England since the 17th century, though it has evolved considerably.

The Popovers were a bedroom band that you might have even heard before, assuming you've listened to The Savage Lovecast, the weekly sex advice podcast. They were also working on a video series on Youtube called Often Awesome, which also started the whole organization. The focus of the organization, to help educate and find a cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease. This is their website.


The lead male singer that you hear passed away at the beginning of 2012. He had been suffering from the disease for quite a while. The Popovers album is still provided by the Often Awesome group for free, though they hope that you'll donate a little to the organization and help fight against ALS.

As far as the music review, this is a lively, poppy, lo-fi sort of sound. Its got a lot going on, and it has a really good lyrical quality to it. They like to talk about simpler things, such as two people bitching at each other about the annoying bits in their relationship, or nosy assholes that always have something to say about your business when its obviously none of theirs.  Really lively and entertaining little album, thats really great.

The Popovers - Make It So!


Dudley Whitemud - Dudley Whitemud Sings Selections From Aqua's Aquarium

Band / Artist: Dudley Whitemud
Year: 2012
Genre: Acoustic, Indie Folk, Alternative Pop

My Review:
An acoustic album... of Aqua covers. Yep. I played this for a friend that really likes folksy acoustic stuff, and she was really enjoying it without expecting what it was, until he said "I'm a barbie girl". She laughed, said "OHHHH", paused, and then said "This is pretty awesome though."

Thats a good sentiment for it. The same goofy subjects from that 90's goofball pop album, but taken to a different context, with a very pleasant outcome. The songs come off as sort of reverent in some ways, while working well as a fairly non-intrusive background music for when you really just need something playing, and you get the benefit of eliciting a chuckle from a friend who just happens to catch on to the lyrics.

Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot else about the guy/band. I looked for a while but I wasn't getting much more than a dead link to the record label that originally did the recording. Well, I did find SOMETHING, but I'm gonna be a dickish lad and not share it just yet. Don't fret though, you'll see what it is soon.

I did find the artist that made the cover though. Here's his blog.

So all in all, I rated this as one of my top 10 finds of last year, which sounds dumb as hell before you listen to it. Hopefully you agree that it was worth the listen. I like listening while I mow the neighbors lawn.

Dudley Whitemud - Dudley Whitemud Sings Selections From Aqua's Aquarium


Lomov - Free Port

Band / Artist: Lomov
Year: 2004
Genre: Ambient Techno, Minimal

My Review:
I had no idea that the label this was posted under had closed down. I'm really sad to see that. I've had this album for almost 8 years, and I've listened to it for so long that it feels like a glass of milk & honey for my ears, smooth, and calming, settling me in so nicely. It works really well as a sleeping album too.

So first I'll talk about what I know about the musician. His name is Axel Bergk. He lives in Hanover Germany. He started making music and made his own collaborative label, Stadtgruen. He was very prolific from 2004 until around 2008, and then I'm not quite sure what happened. I had been in contact with him at one point, and he gave me the chance to use some of his music in an early prototype of a flash game that my team was working on. He was very generous, and I am forever appreciative for it.

The album itself is all based around the idea of a port, and a conputer. The mixture of digital clicks and beeps, with the ambience of a somewhat sparse industrial setting makes for a pretty great minimalist album, falling somewhere between a droning ambient, and the most minimalist of microhouse. I've loved it for years.

Lomov - Free Port


Talking Heads: Live at Wembley Arena, 1982 / Psycho Killers - Live at Recher Theatre, 2010

Band / Artist: Talking Heads, Psycho Killers
Year: 1982, 2010
Genre: New wave, Post-Punk, Dance Rock, Art Punk, Experimental Rock, Funk, Covers

My Review:

Happy sunday. A friend shared a video of Talking Heads playing a live gig in Rome in 1980, and so I decided to look around for a little bit to see what other videos there might be for them out there. This is one part video art montage, and one part live show by the band. Its a nice way to spend my day amidst the weekend of rain we're having here.

Also, because I'm in a mood. Here's a public domain release from Psycho Killers, A Talking Heads cover band playing live. Its pretty grand for covers. They have a bit of their own sound, and make a pretty smooth sounding cover set.

Psycho Killers: Tribute to Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense at Recher Theatre 2010-26-11

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Free Singles - Danny Brown Vs K.Flay, Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra, Goldroom, Voicians, Bro Safari

K.Flay & Danny Brown - Party All The Time

Another track from K.Flay. Good, chill, hiphop with a sound that I enjoy. Not a lot else to say, it starts a little weird, and then gets really good about halfway in. I'm not sure what else to say. If you like K.Flay, then you'll enjoy this. If you don't know who that is, then you need to do a search of the archives.

Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra - Frisco Fog

Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra perform "'Frisco Fog", a futuristic "Descriptive Instrumental" dating from November 5, 1937. From the original 78rpm disk.
This one is neat. Its futuristic jazz,.. from the Thirties. There is a really pleasant improvisation in it, with a sound that I can only describe as oddly wonderful or wonderfully odd. There is a great feel in the winding rhythm of its Big Band orchestra. This one is in the public domian, obviously, because Mr. Lunceford died (of what may have been a poisoning) in 1947. He's buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis, TN. He also has a brass note dedicated to him on Beale St.

Goldroom - Solé Fixtape Vol. 7

Solé likes to get people interested in music. It may be a marketing ploy, but that is completely fine with me. A mixtape is wonderful.
A Bike-Style Company. Join the family at: www.solebicycles.com
THEY SELL FIXED SPEEDS, SO ITS CALLED A FIXTAPE. GET IT? IT'S A PUN. Anyway, Goldroom is a fun DJ. This is a pretty chill dancey mixtape, something that people who are really into the Drive soundtrack would love. You have to "like" their stuff on facebook to get access to all of the fixtapes, but its worth it. If you just cant be bothered though, then you should go here.

Voicians - Ultimate Riot
This has a definite "Prodigy" sound, mixed with just a bit of electro, and a bit of celldweller-style industrial rock on top of it. Its really driving dance song. Maybe a little bit "The Matrix 2010", but thats my kind of dance music.

Dan Voicians is from Stuttgart Germany, a city that I spent a night in with some strangers who were kind enough to transport me from a very rape-space-y train station an hour away that I got left at. I wish I still had their email addresses. I digress. This guy is young, and he has some talent. Here's his facebook. You should look for more of his stuff there.


Bro Safari - That A$$

Its Miami Bass. Its Trap. Its Bounce. It's from a Drum & Bass veteran named Knick. It's got a hilarious cover shot.. Its how I'm ending this singles post.

If anyone has some cool ones they've found, they should definitely share them in the comments. Otherwise, you all have a good weekend.

The Queenstons - Figurehead Remastered

Band / Artist: The Queenstons
Year: 2011
Genre: Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electronica, Breakbeat, Jungle

My Review:
Ok, so the label is called Lapfox, or Lapfox Trax. And I guess its one guy (Renard Queenston) doing many different styles under different aliases? I don't really know. I couldn't give two shits though, because its some really decent music. He even made a little promo video for it coming out.

The first version of this album came out a few years ago, a drum & bass anthem album for the most part. Some very game-y sounding moments here and there. The Original was not available for free, but the remastered version, which sounds more clean and full, is. This has a pretty huge number of additional tracks, and it really pleased me to find it.

Fairly tuned voices, sound like they were recording on shitty mics but they did a very good job of masking it and presenting something that comes together as solid as a marble. A pretty professional sounding album that makes for a great listen,  especially if you like Dieselboy, BT, and AK1200, or Paul Oakenfold and DJ Keoki vocals. It feels like stepping back toward 2004 and getting a nostalgic look. There are definitely dubsteppy moments here and there, but they don't undermine the strength of this album overall.

I'd rank this at a rate high enough that it may be in my top 10 DnB albums now (yes I really do have more than that many, I really love techno). So give this a chance, and expect to see me sharing more from Lapfox in the future.

The Queenstons - Figurehead Remastered


(Special Post) - Murk Daddy Flex - Third Compilation

Band / Artist: Murk Daddy Flex
Year: 2013
Genre: Bastard Pop, Chillout, Hip-Hop Beats

My Review:

So here is a musician that I was really enjoying. When someone sends me an email with music to share it always makes me happy, and the fact that its almost all good music being sent to me makes me even happier. It shows me that the people out there making the music really do want you to like their stuff, and they want you to keep it not just because of it being free, but because you like it that much.

But anyway... meet Murk Daddy Flex. The name sounds silly, the song titles are funny in a random reference of passing moments sort of way. He's pretty humble about his work too.
I would just say experimental sample based hip hop. Honestly all I have is audacity and a guitar hero mic so I just splice things together from different sources and record melodies and bass(so there wouldn't be much to take pictures of).

 I'll review below the interview.

Jumbly Music: It's nice to meet you. How are you doing?

Murk Daddy Flex: It's nice to met you too. I'm doing well. My school is on spring break right now so its been nice and relaxing

Jumbly: So, whats your back story? Who all is in the group?

M D F: I was bored one day and started making beats really enjoyed it, and just kept doing that and here I am a year later. It's just me really.

Jumbly: Where are you from?

M D F: I was born in India, grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ, and moved to Georgia. I live in Athens cause I go to UGA.

Jumbly: Do you find it influences your style and your music much?

M D F: Haha, not really.

Jumbly: I would suppose there isn't a huge India, or New Jersey sound in there, but hell, inspiration comes from anywhere. Who makes your album art?

M D F: It's just pictures I find of tumblr so far, But for the next one, I'm getting my room mate and my other friend who are both artists to make something cool,

Jumbly: Do you tour much? Ever doing a tour through the US?

M D F: I'm only playing my first show on the 27th(opening for DJ Shadow), much less tour haha. Ideally, i would love to. I've gone on tour with my other band, and its a great way to see the country.

Jumbly: What way do you think is best to enjoy your music? Would you consider it good date music, driving music, chillout music, etc?

M D F: People have told me that its great chillout music. Personally i think it'd be best to listen to while walking.

Jumbly: Do you like giving away your music for free? Do you hope to continue or would you rather move to a pay system?

M D F: I do enjoy giving music away for free. At this point it's just more about trying to gain exposure. I would like to continure releasing music on a donations based system, and hopefully make some money by leasing beats and selling physical copies.

Jumbly: Do you have any sounds/ bands/ or pieces of art that you admire or try to emulate with your music?

M D F: I find myself really influenced by nujabes. Thats what got me into intrumental hip hop in teh first place. I also find myself really influenced by music outside the genre. For example, the band title fight, has perfect song structures and transitions that i try to emulate.

Jumbly: If anyone wanted to do a collaboration with you, would you be interested?

M D F: Yes, I would love to.

Jumbly: How should they get in touch with you?

M D F: My email is terry504@uga.edu
or just on facebook im not picky

Jumbly: What kinds of projects do you really want to do in the future?

M D F: At the moment I'm working on a collab with Jubee of Jubee and the morning after so that should be out in the near future, but other than that, I really havent given it much thought

Jumbly: Are there any bands on here that you're into currently? What do you think they did right, or should change in their follow-up?

M D F: I really liked Title Fight's most recent release, Floral Green. They have some of the best song structures and all of their parts last for the perfect amount of time. Gold Panda is really cool too. The way he uses samples is great.

Jumbly: Do you follow the blog? What would you like to see more of? Or any suggestions?

M D F: I have checked it out and I think its great. It's awesome to have a place for free music that is good. It has everything that a standard bog should. Maybe more youtube videos? because those are a really easy way to check out a band or artist, but I know thats not always available.

Jumbly: I've been toying with the Youtube idea. Sometimes its easy to do, other times I figure I should spend the extra time writing up reviews for other bands or getting together more singles. I'm glad you like the blog though, I sure as hell like your work.

Do you know any other great sites that people should check out? What about any other bands?

M D F: some bands that I think are good:
Pygmy lush
Cara Beth Satalino
Dead in the Dirt

Jumbly: Thanks a bunch for sharing your music with me.
I have one last question. What special skills do you have? Can you fix a car, or make your own whiskey?

M D F: haha I'm not very skilled in useful things. Lets see, I can skip a rock pretty well and I'm also pretty good at the game cornhole.


..and we end an interview with the word cornhole. My childhood immaturity rears its ugly head.

Okay so the music. He says hiphop. I almost completely disagree. It has an element that reminds me of Pogo, with the whispery soft voices of people used as an instrument by being chopped and layered.

You may think you're in for this

But really its more of this.

I have enjoyed this stuff as chillout music for a few weeks while settling into some new roles in my life. (Its why the blog has been a little more slow recently.) It has such a jazzy element, and a feel of old musicals and film scores, it just has done wonders giving me something soft to turn back to when I'm too busy to think. You really should check his stuff out.

Murk Daddy Flex - Third Compilation


Wiccans - Field II LP

Band / Artist: Wiccans
Year: 2012
Genre: Punk, Hardcore

My Review:
Hot DAMN, I was not expecting the balls on this one. Its MEAN, in a really good way. I saw the name Wiccans, and thought it'd be kind of a more mellow thing, but it is very strong hardcore punk with a taste of metal  and some old southerner rock in there.

A little about the band. They are a 5 member hardcore band out of Denton, Texas (near Dallas). They are using 3 labels; Hardware, Pass Judgement, and a new favorite, Kartoga Works. Here's their Facebook page.


It has moments that sound like the Blue Oyster Cult, and then a vocalist that makes me think of a young frontrunner to Fear Factory. All together, it makes for a nice, somewhat short, but overall very satisfying album to grab. Big thanks to Kartoga Works for being such a badass record label.

Wiccans - Field II LP

*Edit; Kartoga has their site down for some upgrades, so I redirected through to their release message on icoulddietomorrow, another music blog*


Low Leaf - Alchemizing Dawn

Band / Artist: Low Leaf
Year: 2012
Genre: Harps, Dream Pop, Indie pop, Electronic, Neo-Soul

My Review:
This one sounds very similar to Little Dragon, but with more of a focus on analogue instruments, and a less funk-oriented sound (or at least depending on the track). The mixture of hip-hip, harp soundscapes, indie pop,and dream pop has apparently picked up the name Neo-Soul? It has melody and a good sound that I enjoyed enough to hunt down more.


Low Leaf is just one lady, and shes got really talented hands. Seriously, I would love to see her play live with all the skill she's been able to have while freestyling. She's also big into style and art, and so like all arty-style people, she's got a Tumblr account.


And I don't much like myself for doing this, because looks and music really should not be involved with one another, and it's easy to see this as demeaning....  but she is so cute.
Sorry, sorry. I digress. Here's her facebook profile.

And now, go check out the album

Low Leaf - Alchemizing Dawn


Free Studio Givaway: SALT Motion Picture Soundtrack

Band / Artist:James Newton Howard
Year: 2010
Genre: Film Score, Soundtrack

My Review:
SO excited that I could get to do this, especially since the blog still hasn't hit its 1 year mark yet. I've been chatting with some really interesting people over the course of the last two months, and I wanted to make some big things happen on this blog as much as possible.

One group I ended up in touch with was a pretty huge studio name, Remote Control Studios. They gave me a starter to see how well the attention I'd get from it was. LO AND BEHOLD, that starter is from James Newton Howard, who helped score The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games, Waterworld.. I'm very humbled and impressed. So what exactly would they give me? It all ties back to that lovely Angelina Jolie. Here's the simple IMDB page.


This is a spy thriller through and through, with lots of action sequences, and the score reflects that. Its a mix of techno and orchestral pieces, that I really thought was under-appreciated by a lot of people.

So the hope is that enough people come through the site that the recording studio gets attention for giving away a soundtrack from a few years ago, and they in turn, spread my blog to other studios along with a good word. If that happens, who knows what kinds of artists might start giving away free music here! I'm so freaking excited I can't even begin to tell you.

So without any further bantering, I hope that you LOVE this one enough to share it with your friends.

SALT Motion Picture Soundtrack by James Newton Howard