Pretty Lights - The 2010 trilogy

Band / Artist: Pretty Lights
Year: 2010
Genre: Electro, Trip-hop, Bastard Pop

My Review:
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Derek Vincent Smith, the man, the mystery, the music. 
He's from Fort Collins, Colorado, and he's fresh into his thirties. He makes you dance.

He heads the Pretty Lights Music record label, which gives away their music for free, but asks for a donation via PayPal. All members of the label try to make all their money from touring and tips, which is an incredible thing to see someone do well in.

In 2010, his music career had begun to kick off pretty well, so he decided that during his touring, he'd make this trilogy of albums. He got everything together and cranked out his first on March 2nd, Making Up A Changing Mind.

By July 29th, he dropped Spilling Over Every Side.

And had the finale out by October 22nd, Glowing In The Darkest Night.

Here is his website.

This set of albums has a ton going on. Trip-hop layouts, Electro and Dubstep effects, tons of Mashups from old Funk and R&B, as well as a ton of other places. It all melds together really well, creating a lush, funky Bastard Pop sound that makes you want to dance badly with your friends. I strongly encourage you to grab these three, and then go back to his website and drop him a couple bucks so he can get a cheeseburger or a beer.

Pretty Lights - Making Up A Changing Mind
Pretty Lights - Spilling Over Every Side
Pretty Lights - Glowing In The Darkest Night