V-day special: Mixtapes from me

Happy Obligation Day!

I really don't much like Valentines day as far as a romantic thing goes. Because of that I took the initiative another TALENTED AND AWESOME friend of mine did (Hi Eric), and started making mixtapes for people a year or so ago. I couldn't just do one, for whatever reason, so I started what seems to be tradition now, by making 2 of them. All my friends get these, or help me curate them while I'm in the planning part. Since I run a music blog, it only makes sense that I share them here with all the people browsing.

I try as much as possible to bring stuff that isn't very common, or is a really unique version of something that is. I also try to make edits and blends to ensure the songs fit together the best I can, so you have an enjoyable listen, and then I make the artwork. This years sets go as far back as 1993, because I really love to go as far and as wide with the music as I can make it fit. Here's this years haul. They have their tracklistings in the readme files with each one.

Ser.aph - Be Mine (2013 Mixtape)
Running time, 1:15:36   Get it here.

Ser.aph -  I'm Yours (2013 Mixtape)
Running time, 1:11:30   Get it here.

If you enjoy them, feel free to re-gift them to your friends or loved ones as well. I'm just happy when other people enjoy things that I do. If you really enjoyed it, and want more, then go check out Valentina and Valentino, from last year.

Any suggestions for songs on next years mixtapes? Leave em in the comment section and I'll work on it.

Also the password is magically delicious.