January! Free singles!

2013. Man.. WHY did I have to start you out by throwing up? It was like a nice send-off from 2012, reminding me once again, to suck it. Oh well. Here's some singles to pass the day. May they greatly please you, and not cause you to vomit.

Para Halu - Summer Solstice Mix 2011 (DJ set)

This came out a year and a half ago, but in my defense, I had no idea who this guy was till a little while ago. It's a good one for a run or some working music. I guess this would be fitting for your resolutions of getting thinner, stronger, or whatever.

Dj Lobsterdust - One More Diggity (Blackstreet vs. Maroon 5 vs.Gorillaz)

Bootie RIO doing what they do. Reminding me of how much good mashup work comes up all over the world every day.  Is it just me, or are gorrilaz getting seriously overplayed these days? I only see that from their first album though, and a pinch of their second. I wonder what that says about their album quality onward.

Hot Mouth (feat. Chris James) - Totally Worth It (Peacetreaty Remix)

Dancehall electro with a big pop-house vibe. I love good dancey techno, especially when I get to keep the track to play whenever I want. Dancing time in the kitchen.

Waves - Waves EP

Dreampop, Ambient Post-rock, Ambient techno. Somewhere in all of those is this short album. It has a sound that makes me wish there were some very soft, raw lyrics in an iron & wine style somewhere along the line.

And my last thing of today

Acrassicauda - Garden Of Stones

So they are good hard metal from Baghdad. They released this single as a promo for their whole album, and movie. I tried linking the video below, but in case it doesn't work, here's the site link.