Lüger - Concrete Light

 Band / Artist: Lüger
Year: 2011
Genre: Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock, Space-rock, Prog Rock

My Review:
This one is a crosspost from Moosick, because it was far too good to skip. It has some incredibly catchy parts, with some crazy breakdowns in some areas of their songs, and a really trippy mix of sounds. A good visual description of their sound is in their band photo.

I'll have to admit that i'm not particularly well versed in the krautrock scene. I've looked into it but so far I don't know much. I'm more surprised at how widely the descriptor is used. They have a sound like Jefferson Airplane, Muse, Battles, and Jesus Jones all together in one. A spanish krautrock band, that just incites a chuckle. Here's their facebook page.


Its 6 tracks long, and pulls from indian music, drum heavy alt rock, space rock, prog rock, powerpop and a ton of other stuff. The tracks are driving and vibrant, with enough grit and balls to really build up some testosterone, and enough trip and bounce to bring up the party. I'm keeping it.

Lüger - Concrete Light