The Womb - The Fourth Wall

Band / Artist: The Womb
Year: 2010
Genre: Alternative Pop, Indie Electronic, Indie Rock

My Review:
So it was labeled as pop, but the category would better be described as mid 90's alternative pop. WOO PIGEONHOLING GENRES! Alan Driscoll is the name of the head of the band, and apparently their style changes a lot from album to album.

I found this about him/them on a failed IndieGoGo Project.

Since 1998, I have been releasing records as The Womb, all of which have been free for anybody to download. I work with lots of different musicians in lots of different musical styles, and while I began in England, I'm now based in Melbourne, Australia.
I want to find out if it is possible for me to make a living from music while continuing to give my records away for free. With that in mind, I would like to create an album of personalised songs, in which contributors can ask me to write a song about any topic, or serving any purpose they choose.

Honorable ideals, and hopefully he/they get there soon enough. Anyhow, back to the music.

Here is an album working to recast early to mid 90's alt pop through the contemporary indie rock of the early 2010s. The first time I listened to this was on the end of a long road trip without air conditioning or conversation and my car just would not play in the right order. I was not in the mood..

..but coming back to it when i had fresh ears was nice. It has some snarky qualities, and social commentary that seems straight out of a good 90s alternative. The sounds vary a bit from track to track, playing off of all kinds of different influences, but the whole thing still shows its unity. The tracklisting is also very nicely laid out, with the most electronic song at the end, and a bright beginner and ballad-like ender. I didn't really feel like every song on the album needed to be kept, but the one thing is for sure, they have good sound quality and they do a good job presenting themselves.

The Womb - The Fourth Wall