Guizado - Calavera

Band/Artist: Guizado
Year: 2010
Genre: Jazz, Jazz Rock, Psych-Rock, Brazilian, Electropop
My Review:
This album is so good. The way all the instrumentation comes together seems so fluid and effortless. Listening to this, I hear Kula Shaker, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Audioslave, Beck, Franz Ferdinand, and a bunch of other psych and indie rock blended with brass instruments and a heavy groove. SO MANY STYLES, and they really pull it off.

I've searched and tried hard to figure out any info that I can, but I know little about this band aside from the fact that they made this album and its awesome.

*UPDATE* I found out more. Yay! Okay so link first, talky after.


Guizado is the name of the trumpet player and beat programmer. So the band is kind of like Santana, in that Senor Guizado is the star, working with collaborators throughout the album. He is the premier trumpet player of Sao Paolo right now. His website is dead, but hopefully he's still making kickass music in Brazil.