Andrew Lagowski, Hellscion, NovA17

Band / Artist: Andrew Lagowski, Hellscion, NovA17
Year: 1995, 2012, 2012
Genre: Techno, Industrial, Hardcore Techno, Trip Hop, Breaks, Electro, Dark, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Film Score, IDM

My Review:
So I had hoped to have a really special exclusive to offer today, but that didn't really come together like I was hoping. BUT I WAS PREPARED. Instead I'm serving up 3 different flavors of dark electronic goodness.

Andrew Lagowski

Dark techno is what I'd like to find a lot more of. Like, REALLY dark. This one is well on its way there. It has these nice buildups, that slip back into a murky subdued sound of ominous ambient. I was enjoying the plays on build and release that is common in techno. Sadly its only available on heere as a Lo-fi format.

Apparently this album was even reviewed in Wired back when it came out. Good on ya.

Andrew Lagowski – Prismatic ()


This is his 4th release, and he's getting better and rougher every time. This one is right on the edge of EBM, and i really wish there was a vocalist growling out some great lyrics across the top of this, I dunno, something about hell and bondage or something. Either way, its dark and gritty.

Hellscion - Burning Bridges


This one is some nice hip-hop beats, edging on horrorcore beats. An interesting instrumental album with a really dark edge to it, biting horror scores and dark ambience from horror, only to hack them up and loop them into the beats. This is the most chill of the posts today. It comes off like the little brother of "Genocide Memoria" from LFO Demon.

NovA17 - FFUNS [darkhiphop instrumental]

Alright. Enjoy another night of fright and horror.